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Q: I want to name a room after my granddaughters who were Pi Phi’s at different chapters. Will this be possible?

A: Yes! While we anticipate that most Legacy Gifts will be given in honor or memory of an Arkansas Alpha, Pi Phis from any chapter are welcome to be acknowledged. All naming specifics must be approved by the Building Committee and will be agreed upon in writing with the donor upon approval. Naming preferences should honor the tradition and legacy of Pi Beta Phi and its mission.

Q: I plan to give at several different giving levels – a Pi Society Gift at $3,141.59, a Memorial Bench at $5,000 and a Chapter Room Chair at $2,000. Since my gifts will exceed $10,000, do I have a naming opportunity, also?

A: No, your gift at each giving level entitles you to that acknowledgement. The same is true in reverse, if you give $10,000 to name a bedroom, you do not get the acknowledgements of the lower levels unless specifically stated.

Q: I would like to give an in-kind gift to the project. How will I be recognized?

A: We are thankful for all who can contribute in any way to the project. In-kind contributions of materials, furnishings, equipment or professional services that would normally have to be paid for with our raised funds will be acknowledged in an appropriate manner and agreed upon with the donor before we accept the gift.

Q: Will my gift be tax deductible?

A: Gifts or pledges of $1,000 or more are tax deductible. This will be confirmed at the time of the pledge.

Q: I would like to make a pledge, how do I do that and how long will I have to complete my gift?

A: Pledge agreements are available by clicking here and all Arkansas Alphas will be asked to participate. Pledges, $1,000 and above, may be payable in installments with the first payment due at the time of the pledge. All pledges may be paid out over five years.

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